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Electrical Works

The i10 company having many years of experience in the design and implementation of electrical installations, is able to offer high quality services to customers with requirements for a fully functional and easy to use environment.

Office Buildings / Shops

The expanded know-how and experience of i10 technicians make our company the ideal partner for all the requirements that a company has for electrical installations such as: strong currents, structured cabling, fire detection, CCTV, security systems. The i10 guarantees in every project the quality but also the timely delivery of the projects.

Industrial facilities

The demanding needs of the electrical installations but also the complexity of the projects in an industrial space are always treated with professionalism and consistency in order to ensure the smooth operation and the uninterrupted operation of the production process.

Home Electrical Installations

Over time, the evolution of technology and the expected immediate impact of everyday appliances in each home has led to new living conditions that were far removed from the past, creating a fully equipped environment for the needs of each home to facilitate and its fastest operation.

The i10 company designs and provides every kind of electrical solution so that every kind of configuration that the user needs is implemented. We contribute to the creation of a modern home by providing modern solutions such as: lighting scenarios, automation of heating autonomy, general management of shutters, management of electrical appliances, automation of security systems, etc. We adapt each project to your needs by integrating interactive connectivity into the daily life of a home.